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This project work is designed to implement the posting of student who are eligible to serve the Nation after undergoing their Degree program or Diploma program from any authorized Institution approved by the Federal Government. This project work is embarked upon to monitor the way and manner students are being posted, considering the following factors which were the main objective of this work. Student must not be above the service year which is 30 years. The implementation of this new system will help to alleviate the problems that was associated the manual or conventional system of posting of students which was easily influenced by staff of the scheme. The research work was centered on NYSC Abuja. The new system to be implemented was designed using Microsoft visual basic 6.0 

1.0                                          INTRODUCTION
Prior to the educational system of Nigeria, it is of importance that graduates from tertiary institutions must pass through NYSC (National Youth Service Corps), which is a compulsory one year program. Criteria for this program is that, the graduate most be 30 years or below as at the year of graduation.
Nigeria currently consists of 36 states and a federal capital territory in Abuja. Nigeria is made of more than 250 ethnic nationalities. In view of these the NYSC scheme ensures that every potential corps members are posted to states other than their states of origin and away from their geographical, ethnic and cultural background in other to integrate with other ethnic group in the country.
This NYSC posting strategy ensures national integration as the corps members learn lifestyles different from the ones they are used to. The NYSC scheme also instills discipline and the spirit of selfless service and self reliance on the youths that took part in the program.
A typical NYSC year program is divided into four phases. They are the NYSC orientation program, primary assignment, community development service (CDS) and winding-up program.
Due to the present trend of information technology,  it is of importance that the posting system should be automated, so as to enhance adequate service delivering. By so doing it will support operations, management and decision making for the scheme in achieving her set goal.
This information system is mainly depended on ICT component e.g Computer and the information systems will help to control the performance of the scheme.
The existing system is faced with the under listed challenges:
       i.            The system of posting of coppers was manipulated manually, in the sense that, students that are above the age of service year are allowed to go for service which is against the rules of the scheme.
     ii.            Another problem that is associated with the old system of operation is the idea of posting coppers to their state of origin which is not allowed.  In the laid down constitution of the scheme, the scheme is not meant to post coppers to their respective state of origin. This was done based on the manual system that was involved in the scheme, and most times the workers  can easily get influenced by student and they will be prompted to work their service for the students as well.
The objectives of carrying out this research work is to achieve the following
       i.            To provide the necessary information that is required by the students embarking for service.
     ii.            To post student to a different state outside their state of origin
  iii.            To prevent the idea of grandaunt who have passed the age of service from going to service.
  iv.            To reduce the number of coppers that does go for service by checking if they are disabled, military personnel and married. e. t. c.  
The design of information system is very significant in the aspect of National Youth Service Corps because of the sensitive role it plays in the country.
In order to keep the scheme moving and reliable, the implementation of information system will be very important or significant in the scheme in achieving her objectives, because without adequate information the scheme will be useless because information is power
This study is mainly centered on the posting system of “NYSC”. The research will investigate the formal posting system by looking at is short comings and try to proffer solution to the existing system by implementing a new computerized posting system.
In the course of this work, certain terms were used. Some of this term is clearly represented below:
i.       NYSC: This stands for National Youth Service Corps
ii.     Information: Information in its most restricted technical sense is an ordered sequence of symbols that record or transmit a message.
iii.  Management: is the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively

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      In most organizations particularly business organizations, most of what goes on consists largely of transactions. A transaction is a recorded event having to do with routine business activities. This includes everything concerning the product or service in which the organization is engaged: production, distribution, sales, order and stock-taking. It also includes the materials purchased, employees hired, taxes paid and so on. Today in most organizations, the bulk of such transactions are recorded in a computer-based information system.
Computer-based information systems are systems that tend to have clearly defined inputs and outputs that enable and provide necessary facilities for accurately and efficiently managing an organizational process. It could be sales, order or record keeping of staff. Information system is a collection of people, procedures, software, hardware and data. Connectivity allows computers to connect and share information, thereby greatly expanding the capability and usefulness of an information system. Computer-based information systems are meant to reduce the stress in managing businesses or organizational procedures.
Management Information System (MIS) is one of the major types of computer-based information systems. It uses the database of an organization in producing well structured forms of reports.
1.2               BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY
The development of personnel management dates back to the period of World War I around the year 1915 and more recently to the human relations movement of 1935 – 1950.
In one of the studies of Elton mayor, he discovered that psychological factors as well as social factors influence individuals at work rather than physical factors.
Specific reasons for the development of personnel management include: -
(i)   As a result of increasing influence of trade unions,  
      traditionally         personnel administration took on the role of    
      pacifying the trade         unions, so that management could be free
      to run the companies     without interference from employees.
(ii)  The formulation of minimum wages low costs and individual          legislations increased the need for a team of personnel specialties.
(iii) As the union became more sophisticated and powerful the  
       need for     highly skilled individual relations should increase.
(iv) The increasing size of business, government and other
       institutions          brought new dimension into the profession of
       personnel management. .
Traditionally, it was practiced in homes where the father is the head of the family. It was he who planned what the family should do, the type of farming, size and where to sell the harvested products. His wives and children helped in the process, no external recruitment was involved, so the more wives and children a man had, the more likely it was that the family be well-of. The recent practices of personnel management in Nigeria is tied up with history and development of the public services, private companies and civil services.
The management of human resources has remained the most complex aspect of many organizations. In fact, this had been the reason why most management scientists in the research identified personnel management as the backbone of any organization.
Following the problem in Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, there were cases were files get missing, cabinet gets jammed delaying the presentation of certain information about the staff, destruction of files and records in the case of fire outbreaks, time required to record as well as presenting an Information and also the cost of purchasing files, paper and furniture and fixtures.
 Lack of effectiveness in their methods of record keeping, further compounds the problem.
The objectives of this project work include;
·                    Timely and quality output to managers for decision making
·                    Providing specific type of output according to specified input
·                    It also aims at providing a well secure database management system
  Most importantly, this project work aims at eliminating the problems   
  encountered in the manual system of personnel management    
           operations by the use of this computerized Personnel Management     
           System software.
This work could be useful for personnel managers or officers in an organization as well as those involved in research work on personnel management. However, this research work would let us know that the success of an organization largely depends on the assessment and appraisal of individuals and company employee’s potential, performance and how well the organization can strive to equip all its workers.
Hence, this research work will be of immense assistance to the organizational environment because personnel will be able to find the best solution to the various personnel problems as the computerized personnel management information system software will play a very big role in removing the stress in record keeping.
There are many other advantages, and some of them are listed below.
·       It saves a lot of time in processing personnel information.
·       Database access is fast, reliable and secure in term of   
  authorized access using data encryption and decryption.
·       Transactions are secured (login page).
·       It helps in reducing the costs of labour, fixtures and stationary   
  (Paper, files, pens, marker and so on.
This research work will concentrate on staff employment form which includes the name, sex, location in fact information about the staff, performance assessment, retirement and handling of some queries like; updating staff record, deleting staff record and searching for staff information via Rank, Department or ID as the case may be. It is a case study of Nigeria Petroleum Corporation Lagos. 
Due to time constraint, finance and confidentiality of information, program developed covers all aspect of employment, assessment and retirement. What ever is left out is as a result of the stated limitations.
During the process of data collection, information relating to personal management was obtained from Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation Lagos. The information was collected from the admin staff during the course of my industrial attachment. Hence, it is assumed that all the data collected are correct and contains no false information.
Personnel: It is a department in an organization that deals with
                           employees records, hiring or retirement.
Management: It is the co-ordination of all the resources of an
        organization through the process of planning,   
        organization, directing and controlling.
Public sector: The industries and services that are owned and
                       run by the government.
Private sector: The industries and services that are owned and
                       run by private companies.
System: A method or set of procedures even personnel working
             together as a whole to achieve a goal.
Data: Numbers, Text or image which is in the form suitable for
          storage in or processing by a computer, or an incomplete
Information: A meaning full material derived from computer
                     data by organizing it and Interpreting it in a
      specified way.
Input: Data entered into a computer for storage or processing.
Output: Information produced from a computer after processing.
Information System: A set of interrelated components that
                                 collect (or retrieve), process, store and
                                 distribute information to support decision
                                     making and control in an organization.